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In Memory of...
rant : by Tommy - August 2nd 2006, 06:31PM
So this evening I'm driving down one of the roads here in the lovely metropolis of Longview and I see another. It's not a new phenomenon, it's just been an annoying one that has crept in as more people died. The object of my rant this time is the subject of the annoyingly and increasingly popular "In Memory of..." stickers.

I'm writing this partly to vent my annoyance, but to also let it be recorded in the tomes of internet history. These stickers are retarded. Yes, someone you know has died. Sorry for your loss. Don't get a vinyl sticker made. I think these stickers started back when our dear friend and "racing lengend" (sic), Dale Earnhardt, died. In less time than it takes a NASCAR/TRUCK to complete a lap and people were slapping on the memorial stickers. I think I've seen more Dale memorial stickers than I have 9/11 memorial stickers - how patriotic.

Since our beloved racing hero has died, several unknown Americans have died and their deaths are heralded by vinyl stickers than can be found on many different cars from all classes of drivers. I'm sorry, but if I die, and all that I get is a sticker, I'd be tinkleed. Especially if it's some beater of a car too, that would be worse than just being forgotten in my death.

Now, when I see these stickers I wonder what it is that the vehicle's owner wants me to relate to their loved one's death? Do they drive in memorial? Is their car's owned in memorial? Is its immaculate cleanliness attributed to their devotion? Just the fact that they went out of their way to order a vinyl decal? What exactly is 'In memory of' supposed to be associated with?

+ Nate K.
  Aug 02, 2006 19:46
Why don't you make a composite sticker showing a little boy peeing on a "in memory of #3" sticker, with a "stop breeding, retards" sub-title?


+ Tim L.
  Aug 03, 2006 09:16
I hate those things.


+ Corey T.
  Aug 03, 2006 11:01
In memory of good taste, decency, and basic human kindness.


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