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I'm Sirius
music : by Tommy - February 14th 2007, 05:31PM
I got the coolest Valentine's gift today (from my Valentine). Jennifer bought me the SIR-JVC1 Sirius satellite radio tuner for my car stereo. Back when I got my stereo, I found out there were several adapters I can get. You can choose from the standard CD changer, an iPod dock(KSPD100), Auxilary input (Car PC?), an XM tuner or a Sirius tuner (SIR-JVC1).

Notorious has had Sirius for a while now, and I've always enjoyed listening to it when I'm in his truck. Coupled with the fact that the local broadcast stations either play ghetto rap, Top40 and/or Nickelback; I was growing tired of the radio. I wasn't really exposed to new music very often, so my music collection was going stale. To top things off, sometimes the stations out of Shreveport aren't very strong and I can barely hear them. I had told Jenn I wanted Sirius, and at the store the other night I pointed out the adapter I would need for my car. I installed the system over the course of this afternoon, interspersed with my classes, and activated it around lunchtime with a one-year subscription.

I mounted it under the passenger seat and routed the cables under the carpet so it's out-of-sight/out-of-mind. Needless to say the music selection is awesome, and, like you always hear, the sound quality is amazing for being a radio signal.
That's all for now, going for a drive!

+ Joel E.
  Feb 14, 2007 17:45
That's pretty nice!

Hope to see it soon.


+ anonymous
  Feb 15, 2007 07:19
Thats pimptastic!


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