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As seen in spam.
humor : by Corey - November 14th 2007, 06:45PM
"If your warrior of love is too small, you will lose this war."

Spam is, if anything, just as prevalent as it ever was. However, instead of the random strings of characters, someone is apparently trying to insert some humor into the equation. I received a spam message this morning with the above phrase as the subject.

Effective or not, at least it is slightly more entertaining. Post some of your favorites in the comments.

Update: "Banana Necklace Kitchen Paintbrush Rifle" - I gotta get me one of those!

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programming : by Tommy - November 14th 2007, 01:55AM
I was rolling the idea around in my head how I'd do it (database structure, features, etc.), but I was considering making a Christmas wishlist that you could log into and edit/update, etc.Sure, Amazon does wishlists, but you can only link to items sold on Amazon, what if I want something they don't carry? Yeah, how about that? So, as all real programmers do, I started coding before I had a finished concept. I didn't get too far into it before I got distracted and hassled with schoolwork.

So, I stalled out. One day, whilst on Digg, I came across this lovely site: wishlistr.com. I guess they're trying to stay with the whole Web2.0 naming convention wherein you drop the "e" from an "-er" name, ala Flickr. Anywho, the site does just what I was planning to do. You create an account and start in on your list, you can reorder the list and add/remove as you wish. (here's my list)

One notion that I'm not sure if they captured is to scan the users' URL, if it links to Amazon or some other site that gives referral bonuses (like 10% of the sale), then pass the user through your referral link transparently, therein resulting in a nice pull for your time/effort. That's the only thing lacking in their design, that and no ability to include a thumbnail of the item on your list. Otherwise it's a solid site, wish I'd thought of it sooner ...or is it spelled "soonr"?

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Call of Duty 4
news : by Greg - November 13th 2007, 02:37PM
Ok, so I broke down and got a copy of CoD4, I wasn't sure about it given the BF franchise and how they did modern warfare. Well so far I've been really impressed with the game, it's a modern setting but the mechanics and feel of the game are very similar to the CoD we've all played before, in a good way. So far I've only had time for a couple of the single player missions but I plan to jump into the multiplayer laster this week. The graphics are amazing and I'm sure they'd look even better with a high end vid card. I think I've finally found a modern era shooter I enjoy.

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Finally! A Cell Signal!
radio : by Paul - November 10th 2007, 12:43AM
When I bought my new house in April, one of the most annoying things I discovered was that I got virtually zero cell service inside the house. The house is down in a valley and thus has no good line-of-sight to any cell towers. Inside the house I'd get 0-1 bar, and outside on the front lawn I'd occasionally get 2.

To try and remedy this situation, I had two choices: get a landline (with yet another phone number and at least $20/mo) or I could go with a "smarter" solution and get a cell repeater/booster. I found this gem after doing some research online: the YX510 dual-band cell repeater.

So for just over $300 I got this fairly large box containing an 18" external antenna, 35' of high-grade coax cable, and a chunky little box for inside with a little 6" antenna.

I went up on the roof of the house and found that I got 4 bars near the back of the house. So I mounted the external antenna at the top of an 8' 2x4 that I strapped to the side of the house. Then I ran the provided coax around the house into the attic, where I mounted the interior box.

I should note that I took care to put as many physical barriers as possible between the interior and exterior antennas, to prevent feedback loops. In my case, I was able to get 2 sets of shingles and 3 walls in between the antennas.

Finally, I found a good place to plug in the provided wall-wart, then spliced in an extension into the power cable (the provided one was only 4' long). Then I plugged the base unit in, and voila! I now get 4-5 bars all over the house. No more dropped calls, no more "are you there?" when talking to somebody.

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The Big Ten
news : by Tommy - October 18th 2007, 12:18PM
I've seen this spring up on several different internet sites like Digg and Reddit. They've been listed and shouted down by droves of discontents, they're the "Big Ten", the "Media Mafia", the 10 leading news outlets that control 95% of "big media". You're familiar with most of them, I'm sure. They control the vast majority of print media, movie, music and television. You know, "the media".

This list got me thinking. Ten isn't all that bad of a number of competitors in a US marketplace. I can't list 10 leading PC manufacturers, 10 leading US auto manufacturers, 10 US telecom companies or even 10 leading gunmakers. Ten's not that bad of a number.

Sure there should be more diversity in the drive-by journalism outlets, but what about all of the other markets in the US. Why isn't anyone speaking out against the few companies that control the vast majority of the secret recipes behind the junk food we shovel into our faces. Why aren't the few main telecom companies controlling long distance and the internet at fault? Are just 10 really all that bad - how many competitors should there be?

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