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Lee College : DONE
news : by Tommy - February 6th 2007, 3:56PM
Today I received my diploma from Lee College. I realized at the end of last semester that I had completed my Associate of Computer Science degree by completing the one class that I don't think they've ever offered at Lee: Data Structures. If they did, it was never as hard as it was here at LeTourneau. I'm tempted to go on a rant here about sub-par "higher education", but I'll hold that for another time.

It was kinda funny in completing it. It was almost by accident that I remembered this class would finish it. You see, when I was just about done at Lee, they told me that class wasn't being offered that year - not semester, year. They said if I took some other classes that it might be offered the following year, if there was enough interest. What? Wait a year, and then there might be a class?! (remember this was pretty much the only class I needed to finish...)

I quickly packed my bags and headed to SFA to go ahead and "get on with life". I figured if I could take the class at SFA, I would, and continue working towards my Bachelor's in the meantime.
Things didn't quite work out that easily and I lost some ground in transferring, so I was back to square one when I got to SFA. About the time I was to do Data Structures, I was offered a position at AMD. The next time I had a chance, was the summer of the wedding. No problem, I'll take the class at LeTourneau.
Again, I was set back by the differences in curriculum, so it wasn't until just last year that I could take Data Structures. (Maybe if I was still at Lee, I'd still be waiting?)

At any rate, no matter what happens, I can always fall back on this to seperate me from being a total failure. Not that an Associate's is such an accomplishment, but it's more than some.


+ anonymous
  Feb 07, 2007 01:24
amen to that :D
(says the college boy in a perpetual state of hiatus)


+ Dan F.
  Feb 07, 2007 08:18
I could rant for hours about sub-par "higher education." I have a good number of degreed individuals that work for me. Many of them can't speak english above the 5th grade level, some can't spell, and some lack basic computer skills (even recent graduates).

It doesn't take a degree to do most of the jobs where I work. Many applicants that I interview actually disclose to me that they didn't really care about their degree plan, they were just taking the "meal-ticket" approach to the university/degree plan situation.

A degree from TAMU or LU is one thing, but it seems to me that a degree from LaTech, Grambling, Wiley College, or any regional CC is just a peice of paper.

It is just a matter of time until the "meal-ticket" approach is no longer a viable reason for furthering your education and the "degree-vendors" either shut down or get serious about their degree programs and their reputations.


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