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802.11 Time
hardware : by Tommy - May 11th 2004, 02:40AM
James, N5VOO, hooked me up with a D-Link 802.11 card for my linux laptop, trying to get me up to speed on the whole wireless thing. I'm really diggin' it. I know there are quite a number of wifi access points around town since it is a college town.

Mackieman has had an 802.11 network in his apartment on campus, but I haven't had a card or access point of my own. But, thanks to James, I was surprised with a free D-Link card and an access point to borrow so I can use it at home. I'm quite excited. Expect to see more 802.11 goodness posted on Neodux now. Wireless access will be much more fun now that I'm licensed radio operator and can use this to bump up the power output and get a long range 802.11 network.

Mackieman editz^2: I pitty da fool who edits my edits. Grendel editz: Mackieman sez: My groin tingles with anticipation. ^_^ ew, TMI.

Havoc sez: Good Place for WEP encryption key generation.


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