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AMD Austin to Relocate
AMD : by Tommy - June 6th 2005, 09:39AM
I was just reading an article at the Austin Chronicle about AMD's plans to relocate from the lower east side of town (Just off Ben White) to the southwest edge of town (Just off Mopac).
The article explains AMD's reasoning. They claim it will create a shorter commute for the majority of it's employees. They have a map, by ZIP code, of the concentration of it's employees, and AMD claims their proposed new location will slahes 10,000 miles of commuting per day.
The plan isn't without it's opponents. Critics argue that AMD is breakin a traditon of major manufactures by building on the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. (The aqafer being a major source of water for the city) Many argue this is a potentially harmful move, but City Council is powerless to do anything about the relocation, due to zoning laws currently in place.

An interesting affair to say the least. Having not seen the proposed location myself, I can't say for sure, but I would guess that the new area is probably a bit more scenic than the current location.
And I'm sure Skaven is thilled at the prospect of a move.


+ anonymous
  Jun 22, 2005 06:54
Thrilled? You bet your fart-canister I'm thrilled! I get a window! *A WINDOW*!!! ::laughs maniacally::


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