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AMD Intern - w00t!
AMD : by Tommy - June 21st 2004, 05:37PM
Last week I was given the opportunity to interview with the Advanced Micro Devices SysAdmin team in Austin. (where Seņor Skaven works)
On Thursday night, I drove to Austin to stay at Skaven's. Friday afternoon, I turned in my official application to the HR department, got to tour the AMD design facility. Saw what is probably the most powerful x86 system. So new, I don't think it's been released to the public yet. Also got to stand before a 27Tb storage cabinet; an entire cabinet full of hard-drives.
Later, I met with a couple of members of the SysAdmin management staff for my interview. It went really well...

Today, I received word from the HR department that they are extending the job offer to me!
So, if all goes well with the paperwork with SFA, I will be moving to Austin for the Fall semester to work as an intern at AMD.

update: All has gone well, and I am awaiting the official offer letter from AMD. I called my contact at AMD today, she informed me that everything was in line, and that the package was FedEx'd to me this afternoon.


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