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Awaiting the Orange Box
games : by Tommy - September 12th 2007, 01:30PM
It's been a long time coming and it's almost here. I've been waiting years for Team Fortress 2 to make it's debut. Team Fortress 1 (the Quake mod) was a blast to play. Team Fortress Classic was a mediocre attempt to capture TF1 into a new engine and since then there's been a buzz about TF2 being released one day or another. It's been touted alongside Duke Nukem Forever as "vaporware" - but the release is nigh.

Alot of people don't like the game styling of cell animation, but I think it will make for a great game. So far, most of what we've been given glimpses of are animation shorts - but they're holding me over and whetting my appetite. So here's a few for you to watch too.
  • Team Fortress 2 : Meet the Heavy Weapon Guy
  • Team Fortress 2 : Meet the Soldier
  • Team Fortress 2 : Meet the Engineer
  • Team Fortress 2 : Meet the Demoman

    So there you have it 3 of the handful of classes available to play in TF2. Maybe if you don't know anything about TF2, here's one more video for you.

    Grendel sez: Don't forget Portal is in the Orange Box too!
    update: Added "Meet the Demoman" link. "Aye!"
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    + anonymous
      Sep 12, 2007 18:46
    Dude, I love TFC!!! --Brandon


    --- Tommy G.
      Sep 12, 2007 21:56
    TF2 will be so much better.

    + Corey T.
      Sep 13, 2007 11:05
    I'm interested to check out Portal, as well.


    + Greg Gober
      Sep 13, 2007 16:05
    Tf2 will rule, period.

    also HL2 Ep2 is gonna be good, its a pretty large expansion to the series from what I read


    + Nate K.
      Sep 14, 2007 15:57
    Why do they have to release all three of these at the same time? Couldn't they spread out the love so that I don't have to decide which one to play?


    --- Tommy G.
      Sep 14, 2007 17:05
    decisions decisions...

    + anonymous
      Sep 16, 2007 12:41
    Your subscription to The Orange Box has been completed.

    Peggle Extreme, jerkfaces! :D


    --- Tommy G.
      Sep 18, 2007 13:13
    Too bad you didn't get TF2 beta on the day Valve said you would. source

    + Nate K.
      Sep 19, 2007 15:54
    I played it last night on my low-res TV. It's good I guess, but didn't blow my mind or anything. The graphics are neat, but the gameplay really isn't substantially different than any other class-based FPS, or TFC for that matter. But don't take my word for it!


    --- Tommy G.
      Sep 19, 2007 18:51
    Mmmmm, Enemy Pie...

    --- Nate K.
      Sep 20, 2007 09:18
    I should make Lavar my Steam avatar - in yer base, eatin' yer pie / readin' yer books

    + Greg Gober
      Sep 25, 2007 08:00
    I really loved TF2 so far, clear maps, sharp gfx, and gameplay that is fast and violent


    + Cory D.
      Oct 05, 2007 16:55
    My comment got deleted for some reason =/
    Must be Comcast.


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