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Battlefield 1942 Revisited
games : by Tommy - June 1st 2007, 12:11PM
I just got done reinstalling and playing Battlefield 1942. I honestly don't know how this game ever fell out of popularity. I didn't play it as much after I got Call of Duty, but BF1942 is still a blast.

I guess I never liked Battlefield 2 as much. Yeah, I'd play it and it was really fun, but it just wasn't the same. It lacked the simplicity that made 1942 so easy to pick up and play.
Battlefield Vietnam sucked. I think I played it for a good 2 weeks before I reverted back to 1942.
Secret Weapons was a waste. I didn't even bother with it.
Road to Rome was alright, but it really wasn't ever that popular so people never played on those servers as much.
Good ole original Battlefield 1942 is a real gem.

I think it will be remembered for what it did to expanding gameplay. You could trek on foot forever it seemed. Or you could jump in a tank or jeep or some other vehicle and make you way to where you wanted/needed to be. Or you could jump into a plane - my personal favorite. I think the original 1942 had balance that most games lack. Player classes were balanced. The vehicles were all solid. Anti-aircraft was effective. With true teamwork you could easily take down the enemy (unless they had better cooperation).
I love Battlefield and miss not being able to pick up just any game and cream the other guys. C'est la vie.


+ Joel E.
  Jun 01, 2007 22:44
Though released back on 10 September 2002, it's still an interesting game. I'm downloading the demo again, to give it another try.


+ Paul A.
  Jun 03, 2007 02:09
I kind of miss crazy arial stunts like on-the-fly pick ups. Hold E!!!


+ Cory D.
  Jun 05, 2007 10:23
Try grabbing the Desert Combat mod if you have never tried it before.

Desert Combat mod + BF1942 = Jackass with anti air stinger missles that likes to take down people in jets/heli's. =)
(And other great additions.)


--- Tommy G.
  Jun 10, 2007 22:20
I liked DC but they started messing with the weapon balances too much and skewed the gameplay from one release to the next.

+ Corey T.
  Jun 06, 2007 11:54
I installed BF1942 yesterday and would be willing to set up a server if we all wanted to play. Pings shouldn't be horrible, especially if you're on Cox.


--- Tommy G.
  Jun 10, 2007 21:36
If your server was setup on a port other than the default, it might work.
I've found some/most games work fine, but BF1942 just won't connect. Don't know why they block that one port of all the others...

+ Tommy G.
  Jun 07, 2007 00:31
I can't connect to any off-campus servers because of the awesome firewall here.
Friggin sucks.


+ Tommy G.
  Jun 08, 2007 00:13
I love giving a low fly-by in a plane to troops on the ground.
This video reminded me of how fun it is, and how freaky it is to have one fly over you so low... except this one's real.
Apache fly-by


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