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Call of Duty 4
news : by Greg - November 13th 2007, 02:37PM
Ok, so I broke down and got a copy of CoD4, I wasn't sure about it given the BF franchise and how they did modern warfare. Well so far I've been really impressed with the game, it's a modern setting but the mechanics and feel of the game are very similar to the CoD we've all played before, in a good way. So far I've only had time for a couple of the single player missions but I plan to jump into the multiplayer laster this week. The graphics are amazing and I'm sure they'd look even better with a high end vid card. I think I've finally found a modern era shooter I enjoy.


+ Corey T.
  Nov 13, 2007 15:35
What type of machine are you running it on? I worry that my older system will choke like a two dollar hooker.


--- Cory D.
  Nov 13, 2007 16:34
:: AMD X2 6000+ w/Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme & Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F 120mm Fan ::
:: ASUS Crosshair :: 2 x Plextor PX-800A/SW-BL DVD Burners :: 2 x WD Raptor 150's (Raid 0) ::
:: Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer :: PCP&C Silencer 750 Quad :: 4GB Mushkin PC2-6400 4-4-3-10 ::
:: eVGA 8800 GTX 768MB Superclocked :: LianLi PC-V2000Bplus II ::

+ Cory D.
  Nov 13, 2007 16:26
Maybe I should not have bought this game and started playing outright on Veteran, game kicks my fart-canister at times.

Also the game kind of irritates the hell out of me with alot of things, one being when the A.I. tends to pick out 1 person out of a whole group (you) and commence firing, even if you are not the closest tango in sight for them, while the other A.I. players (your team) go on their merry way and continue to do nothing.


--- Tommy G.
  Nov 13, 2007 19:08
That's realism for ya! Pick one n00b to own, let the rest run away in terror.

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