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Digg a Rut
rant : by Tommy - August 26th 2007, 10:04AM
It's been mounting over the past year or so, I'm finally starting to lose faith in Digg. Once upon a time, Digg was a great source of tech news that produced links and info faster than Slashdot. There was a time when I thought Digg was going to actually take over the Slashdot community. (Ha!)

I thought Digg's model would bury Slashdot because of the speed in which you could get tech news. (Comment systems aside - that's a whole other issue) One of my reasons for thinking this was the "democratic" style of moderation on digg - "only the news the people want will make the front page", I thought. Well it turns out that the vast majority of 'the people' are morons. (Now I understand why we have electoral votes in America!) I've seen things appear on CNN, Slashdot, Wall Street Journal and Fark before it gets to the front page on Digg - Yes, digg has been outpaced by even traditional news outlets.

Another huge problem for Digg is the mounting number of idiots that are posting content and getting "dugg" to the front page. They just want to get their story to the front page so they find some link about the iPhone, Ubuntu, AJAX or Ruby post it and it makes the front page - not that any news about such topics isn't wanted, but enough is enough! Another source of links for front-page-chasers is Reddit. Simply go to reddit, grab a link from their front page and repost it on digg, it'll go right to the front page - kewl!!1!

Unless Digg something to counter this problem, I'm probably going to jump ship. Thanks for the memories.


+ Tommy G.
  Aug 26, 2007 10:09
Look, original content posted on Digg!


+ Corey T.
  Aug 27, 2007 17:25
I never really got into Digg. I understand why you did and why the idea was really cool, but I've had a lot of experience in the last ten years with complete idiots who tend to ruin anything good, as they have done with Digg. As it has always been, those who really succeed over the long run are those who give the user what he wants without allowing him to screw up the process. Proof? Let's look at Google, Apple, or even SA. All of those places provide great services to their users and their users have a lot of rules and requirements thrust upon them for usage. Yet they thrive.


--- Tommy G.
  Aug 27, 2007 22:09
SA Coupons might be one exception to your examples.

Yes, alot of stupid people will screw up a good thing.

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