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Extra, Extra N5DUX is Extra
radio : by Tommy - March 16th 2005, 11:30PM
I just got back from passing my Amateur Extra test. This is the top of the licensing structure, I now have full privileges on the ham bands. It's not quite as big of a step from General to Extra as it was from Technician to General, in terms of privileges. There's just a bit more frequencies I can use now, and it feels good to have climbed the ranks. Granted, there's still plenty that I don't know, and plenty that I'm hungry to know more about.

The Extra test was just a written test (no code test involved), but the content is a bit more in depth and alot more technical than the previous tests. I had only really been studying in earnest, this week (Spring Break). I didn't just beat the snot out of the test, it was a nail-biter, much like my previous Morse test. I could probably do better if I took it again at a later date and studied more - but I passed, that's all that matters, and I'm happy for that.

tags: ham_radio license

+ Corey T.
  Mar 16, 2005 23:57
I salute you with pork, sir. Congratulations.


+ anonymous
  Mar 17, 2005 00:11


+ anonymous
  Mar 17, 2005 05:29


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