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Greatest Google Search
news : by Tommy - September 13th 2004, 01:20AM
So I'm surfing around the net this evening, digging through some URL's, and I come across a blog with some interesting information on it. Apparently, you can do a Google search for "index of /mp3" or "index of /files" and get all sorts of nice directory listings from some poor sap's personal stash.

In case you need a hyperlink to try it, try clicking here for the results of a search for "index of /mp3".

Also, try all sorts of other interesting filetypes... you'll never know what you might find!
"index of /mov" "index of /movies" "index of /mpg" "index of /files" "index of /warez" "index of /isos"

remember: Lets not forget to make use of our friend wget. (man page)


+ anonymous
  Apr 13, 2008 20:01
"index of /pdf"


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