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I r t3h 133cH!!~!
hardware : by Tommy - September 1st 2004, 04:30PM
So yesterday, SirMackieman (corey) came to stay with me on his way out to Kyocera Wireless in California. In the middle of the day, while I was at work RoadRunner came to shut off the cable connection that was in Skaven's name, then to hook up my cable.
This didn't happen.

Instead, he shut off my cable and told Corey that he didn't have a work-order to turn me back on. So we were up a certain creek without the proverbial paddle.

Poor Corey sat in my apartment without intarweb access until I got home. After quite a while of agonizing and ranting about TimeWarner and what pricks they are, it dawned on me. Corey was on his laptop. He had wireless. "Fire up your 802.11 card, man!"
Boom. There's a neighbor with a Linksys router wide open, zero security, just asking us to use his connection. So we did.

After dinner, we went to BestBuy, Eric fronted some cash to procure a cheap D-Link PCI wifi card for my PC. (i'll hit ya back e)
I popped in the NIC, after some configuration, we are back online. At least, until the neighbor dude wises up (not likely) or TimeWarner gets on the ball and installs my friggin cable modem.
Fittingly, the day before, Eric and I went driving around and he snapped a couple of cool pics of this marquee on an old theater not far from here. It got pwn3d, much as our neighbor has. (and is!)

Mackieman sez: I can't believe I didn't think of that before you got home. I was like, "doh!"


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