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Kaito Solar/Hand-crank Radio
news : by Tommy - May 23rd 2007, 12:49PM
I just received my newest toy. I got a solar and dynamo powered radio that I bought online. It is the Kaito KA007. It receives AM/FM/TV/SW/VHF, which allows me to receive Air traffic, 2m FM ham radio, National Weather Service and general VHF usage traffic (wrecker, sheriff, highway patrol, etc). Here's a look at the back of the radio.

Right out of the box I gave it about 5 or 6 turns on the hand crank and was able to tune in local FM stations and an AM station while in the basement of the student center. KC9AIC and I then took it outside in the sun to check out the solar capabilities which is when I tested out the world band reception. I was able to hear World Harvest Radio loud and clear under solar power. However, I did notice a bit of drifting as I tuned in world band signals. I've also noticed very little selectivity in FM broadcast reception.

A few things I wish the radio had would be a digital display of the frequency, I wish the AC adapter was built-in so I wouldn't have to worry about keeping up another wall wart (although with solar capabilities, it's not that big of a deal), I also wish there was an external antenna input port for hooking in a better antenna. None of these are really vital, but they'd be nice. These features are found on newer models, but they don't offer wide VHF reception, only weather. So it's all a big tradeoff, which is why I opted for this model.


+ Joel E.
  May 23, 2007 23:15
It's a really nice backup radio to have, especially to keep in the car, or on a hiking trip.


+ Joel E.
  May 23, 2007 23:17
Maybe you shouldn't have inline/leechlinked to the Kaito picture. Not that they're really going to notice the difference.


+ Tommy G.
  May 24, 2007 00:35
Meh, it's the small price they pay to have a good picture of their radio.
(...and for selling to a web-scripting geek that doesn't have his own photo repository.)


+ Joel E.
  May 24, 2007 02:43
Heh. If you display the image at full resolution, you can avoid the Moiré patterns in the speaker grille that come from downsampling the image.


--- Tommy G.
  Jun 10, 2007 23:03
Moiré pattern FTW!

+ Tommy G.
  May 25, 2007 00:57
I really wish this had a digital display. Unfortunately, I can't find a solar/dynamo receiver that has AM/FM/SW and WX.


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