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Move out of my friggin way!
rant : by Tommy - October 5th 2005, 08:54AM
What is wrong with people? I just had a guy run into me yesterday because he was walking one direction and looking in another - around a corner! Unless you have some wallhack on, pay attention to where you're walking. I can't stand it when people are too concerned with what's going on "over there" than to be concerned with the possibility of someone being "over here". Especially when they say "Oh, I'm sorry, didn't see you there.". Of course you didn't see me here, you oblivious pile of crap! You had your head on crooked!

People need to pay attention or learn how to get out of the friggin way.

The same goes for drivers. People who are too concerned with some accident, or they're too busy waving to their friend that is too cheap to own a car so he's walking down the road when he obviously knows someone with a car, because they're slowing down to wave at him. Get off your cell phone if it's going to slow you down! There should be a law against impeding traffic. It's slow people that cause alot of accidents. People are too oblivious to have any notion that there is a world going on outside of their reality TV shows.
Pay attention to life!


+ Bill S.
  Oct 06, 2005 04:57
Funny thing... I could have sworn there was a law against impeding the flow of traffic. I guess they never get ticketed for it due to the burden of proof.


+ anonymous
  Mar 20, 2006 08:28
Highways have a min speed limit...I suppose parking your car in the street would merit a ticket or some sort of punishment.

Also, where were you looking when the guy walked in to you? It seems there may be a dual responsibility, unless of course you had the rigth of way, but sneaking about a corner...seems it was almost certain, had both parties made full eye contact, that dispite all human will power, the forces of physics would have prevailed......So bamn, you get a nice man sandwitch......So rant...I blame physics....crap you physics....and stupids not watching where I'm going! Cause I'll most certainly be speccing that accident, poor friend, or hottie changing the flat. Peace!


+ anonymous
  Feb 03, 2007 07:44
An old Hindu saying fits here - "Do what you are doing."


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