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Neodux Forums
neodux : by Tommy - March 9th 2005, 11:43AM
I finally realized that it would take a ton of work to create a fully functional forums package that would even come close to the functionality of IPB or phpBB. So I decided to just use one of the freely availble bulletin-board packages available.
I installed phpBB last night, got a few tweaks on it, and I'll continue to modify it to my liking.

Neodux Forums consist of a wholly seperate database than the neodux web content. You will need a new login name and password for the forums, seperate from the website. (yes, they can be the same name/pass) You'll see there aren't a whole lot of forums at the moment. Some may stay, some may go - what forums are popular completely depends on demand. I'm not going to focus the forums in any one direction. I will appoint moderators for each new forum to pop up. Forums are a community effort, all I ask is that the content stay workplace-friendly, and that you not be an asshat. k thx bye.



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