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New Keyboard
hardware : by Tommy - November 10th 2006, 12:48PM
For the past 8 years or so, I've had a Digital (DEC) brand keyboard that I procured "off the tree" from PC Outlet when Skaven, Roboprobe and I all worked there. I think it was Roboprobe that got ahold of it for me. I've sincerely loved that little beige keyboard. It has been the one keyboard I've used with Windows 98 on my K6-2+, to my K6-2 400, leet linux-learning machine, on up to my current Athlon64. It's been around, and has nasty oil-spots to show for it. I've seen some grimey keyboards, and I've tried to keep this guy clean, but some nastiness just doesn't come out. It was the one old part of my computer that just didn't look good - at all.

To match my sleek new monitor, I had to get a sleek, new keyboard. I wanted a black keyboard and I've always like the minimalist look of the Dell slim-line keyboards.

I looked on ebay for a Dell SK-8115 and found several. I found some were selling for $3 + s/h. In the end, it all worked out to about $10 for a cool, simple, new keyboard. I know, not everyone likes them, but I really like the way the keys feel as you type, it also has very quiet keys and looks nice too. So far so good.

Here's what the keyboard looks like.


+ Bill S.
  Nov 30, 2006 20:13
I use the same keyboards at work. They are pretty leet-sweet.


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