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OpenWRT installed
linux : by Tommy - April 3rd 2006, 03:21PM
This has to be the hands-down easiest mod I've undertaken. I read last year about the OpenWRT team playing with linux on the Linksys WRT54G router. Cool, but not much use to me (especially since I had a wireless router at the time and didn't even need wireless!).

Well, as many of you know, last holiday season, Jennifer and I got a laptop. It has wireless built in, so, obviously the next step is to get a wireless router. I bought a cheap router from a goon on SA-Mart for next to nothing. (It had a few problems, so it didn't really do the job.)

After looking around at several stores for a good router, I finally found a pre-5.0 serial number WRT54G at Office Depot. They price matched WalMart, so I bought it and took it home. I downloaded the proper .bin image for the 4.0 model that I bought. I hooked up the router, connected the laptop, uploaded the new image and voila! OpenWRT was installed.

Package management is very straight forward and the system is layed out the same as any other linux system - so it was easy to get around.
So far, all I have installed is the WakeOnLAN, NTP client(which checks time at midnight) and I have MAC cloning setup on the WAN.


+ anonymous
  Apr 05, 2006 10:23
what firmware would you recommend to someone who doesn't know linux?


+ Tommy G.
  Apr 05, 2006 11:57
probably not OpenWRT at this point. You might try DD-WRT, they might have a bit more of a mature web interface.
If you aren't comfortable with a linux system, you kinda have to ask yourself why you want to install linux on your router in the first place.


+ Tim L.
  Apr 07, 2006 07:14
I have one of the supported Belkin routers. I may give this a shot for grins.


+ Tommy G.
  Apr 25, 2006 14:49
I have installed DD-WRT on the router. It looks a heck of alot nicer, and is almost completely GUI driven. (In fact, the only reason I'd used the command line was to issue a reboot since I didn't want to find where that is in the web interface!)
If you're wanting to run a non-Linksys system on your router, check out DD-WRT, it has alot of features pre-installed and ready for your settings.


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