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PBS Frontline XBMC script
programming : by Tommy - February 8th 2007, 01:09AM
I finally figured out why I couldn't get XBMC to stream Frontline shows anymore, it turns out PBS has changed the URL of their media server from a static IP to a real hostname. The script was originally written to use the static IP, so I fixed it. I also noticed they changed the URLs slightly so I allowed the script to handle that as well.

If you have XBMC running on your Xbox, make sure you're running a relatively recent install. (The one on Slayer's won't cut it.) You can grab the script and extract it in your XBMC/scripts directory. Once you run the script it will grab the listing of all of the Frontline episodes available on the web along with a description of that episode. (This isn't to say if you don't have an Xbox you can't watch Frontline, the videos are made to stream to your PC, it's just more comfy to sit on the couch and watch them!)

Update: I've submitted my updated/fixed version to xbmcscripts, and it has been posted. You can download it here, or just grab it from my files sections here: pbs-v.0.2c.zip.


+ anonymous
  Feb 14, 2007 00:36
It worked for one day (the day it was released) and now it's broken again. Did PBS change the link?


+ anonymous
  Feb 15, 2007 13:29
Yeah, not working for me either. It scrapes the HTML correctly, but then only some of the shows are playable. I tested one of my favorites ("The Merchants of Cool") and it played, but the video was way slower and out of sync with the audio.


+ anonymous
  Apr 16, 2007 20:55
It works now, however, I did notice that the graphic was not drawn in the background. After looking at the default.py code I moved it into the script's root dir and now everything shows up correctly. I think you should update the file structure, or default.py so that everything shows like it's supposed to. Thanks for making the script work again. Is there any way that you or someone can get the Google Video working again? (Loads of good documentaries there too)


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