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news : by Tommy - November 17th 2005, 11:20AM
I just learned about Digg from Slashdot. It has a whole list of great links with a short description - a lots of 'em!

So, here I'll link you to the more promising finds: 'Black Friday' Ads for 2005, Best Buy computer hacks, howto for a Wifi biquad dish antenna, Running Apache, Perl/PHP, Mysql on Windows, Getting started with Ruby, 10 Best AJAX hacks, Build a radio, Telnet with your browser, Flash-based VNC, Learn PHP, History of GNU/Linux, What's SNOBOL?, and finally a Hack-a-Day like site: DIY Live.

Hope you find something interesting!


+ Dan F.
  Nov 17, 2005 19:24
The main RSS feed has been my primary tech news source since January. About 3 months ago I removed Slashdot from my list of feeds as Digg seemed to always beat them to the punch and I was tired of reading the same thing twice.

For loads of links that don't always make the front page, try http://digg.com/q. This page has bleeding edge links before they get dugg by a bunch of people (or before they fade into the background). A very informative time-waster. A slashdot / metafilter hybrid.


+ Tommy G.
  Nov 17, 2005 21:43
Thanks for sharing the link with us "since January", punk. ;)


+ Dan F.
  Nov 18, 2005 16:38
I posted it to the shoutbox on or about January 31st. I found it at http://www.waxy.org/links.
Andy is very active in the blogging community, his side project Upcoming.org, was recently bought by Yahoo. He frequently posts interesting/quirky links.


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