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Step Off My Grill, Dog
meat : by Tommy - February 17th 2008, 09:10PM
After looking around at the different "big box" stores around town, Jennifer and I decided on a nice grill to replace my sad, hand-me-down. I have been wanting a new grill for about 2 years now, but just never broke down and got one. Up until last fall I had a grill that was so-so from the previous tenants in our apartment. I started having problems with it so I picked up Notorious' old grill. I never fixed it up, so I've been without a decent grill for several months. (It's been rough.)

Today, we went looking for a replacement. We settled on a nice one from Char-Broil at Home Depot (sry ltd, Lowe's just didn't have any I liked). It has a stainless steel body, hide-away tank storage area and a side-burner (A feature I've been looking forward to). One benefit of the new grill is the 3 burners so I'll have a bit more flexibility in the heat. It also has the quieter electronic ignition, as opposed to the old piezo-electric "ker-chunk" starter (used in so many potato guns). The side burner is also a welcomed addition. No more stinking up the house when frying anything and I can cook a large pot of shrimp or crawfish outside now too. w00t!


+ Tommy G.
  Feb 17, 2008 21:10
Bring some steaks and I'd be glad to demo it for you.


--- Tommy G.
  Feb 18, 2008 00:17
...and yes, neodux does now feature a "meat" section.

+ Corey T.
  Feb 18, 2008 08:50
Mmm, meat.

As I'm still transient in apartments I've never had the rationale to invest in a good grill like that, nevermind one that is that large. Until we're semi-permanent some place, I'll likely stick with what I've got now with an external propane bottle. It is small but does the job just fine for two or three people. When we buy a house, though, it will be time to upgrade.


+ Tommy G.
  Feb 18, 2008 13:01


--- Tommy G.
  Feb 18, 2008 14:20

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