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TCP/IP Over Bongo Drums
news : by Tommy - September 28th 2003, 03:31PM
Almost every computer today is equipped with the TCP/IP networking protocol. (the chief communication standard in the world, due mainly to it being the essential Internet protocol). Basically, networking traffic of any sort is broken down to 1s and 0s, just as all data in a computer is. The 1s and 0s transmitted across the network connection is actually a series of minute high and low pulses of electricity. The recipient then "decodes", or demodulates, these high and low pulses as a 1 or a 0. (high or low).
One professor at Algoma University posed a question to his 4th year Computer Science students, can sound be used as a transmission medium?

The result was TCP/IP over Bongos drums.

    - Ricky Ricardo and Andy Kaufman would be proud.


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