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Team Fortress 2 Spraypaint
games : by Tommy - January 3rd 2008, 01:57PM
I've been playing Team Fortress 2 alot. It's a great game. I enjoy playing just about every class on the game. I play Engineer most of the time, although at times I've been known to completely devour the opposing team as a Sniper.

As I was playing earlier I realized that most Engineers place their teleports near the upstairs spawn point in the 2Fort map (I play 2Fort almost exclusively). It really drives me crazy when I get in some teleporter and it takes me to my teams flag room and not to the enemy base (where all good teleports should go). I decided I needed to make it easier on my teammates to know where my teleport takes them, so I made a spraypaint.

I just made it in MS-Paint, set the canvas to the right dimensions, downloaded the TeamFortress2 Font Pack and voila! I has-got custom spraypaint. So here it is, my simple teleporter label.

Grendel sez: I also enjoy these treats. The Sentry Gun decoy (red, blue) and the crouching sniper decoy (red, blue).


+ Greg Gober
  Jan 04, 2008 12:23
The sniping was a bit out of control last night. You're good, but when you have 3-4 buddies helping you snipe it gets pointless.

My usual strat is to hop over as a scout and bat the 1-2 snipers down. That falls apart when the battlement stays crowded.

I like the sprays, but it made me wonder if we couldnt make some sort of camoflage that made a player or sentry harder to pick out. You just need something of the same color scheme that breaks up the hard edges so that its harder to lock onto a target.


--- Tommy G.
  Jan 04, 2008 13:46
Hmmm... that is a thought.

I'm not sure what the color scheme would be. And sprays are limited to 256x256 I believe, so I don't know how much of a body it could cover. That's why I think the decoys are an excellent idea, it distracts the other shooter for a moment so you can get a lock.

--- Tommy G.
  Jan 04, 2008 13:47
Also, the sniping does get out of control. It seems like anytime I start to do well, 4 other players will become snipers too and get in each other's way.

At that point I usually change classes until they get frustrated with getting their heads shot off, then I come back out and the cycle starts over again.

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