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Ultra-Light Alcohol Stove
outdoors : by Tommy - March 8th 2008, 01:55PM
While looking at various camping stoves, like the MSR WhisperLite and Pocket Rocket, I came across the old alcohol stove design. I was curious how they worked and found several howto videos on making your own alcohol stove.

Of all the videos I found this one was probably my favorite. I was able to track down some Bud Light in aluminum bottles. It's not Shiner, but it's not the beer I want - it's the containers.

I followed Russell's howto video and was able to hack apart a bottle and assemble it into a modest imitation. It wasn't the most sound design, so I made another. The second stove turned out better than the first and I was actually able to boil a standard sized pot of water!

Pics are forthcoming.

update: From the moment I lit the stove, it took 10 minutes to boil 2-1/2 cups of water (what my dehydrated meal calls for). Not too shabby.

tags: camping stove efficient

+ Tommy G.
  Mar 08, 2008 17:34
Aluminum beer bottles are actually harder to find that I thought. They aren't sold individually, only 6 packs.

The reason Budweiser is producing them is because they stay colder 50 minutes longer than glass. (Not to mention it's cheaper to recycle aluminum.)


+ anonymous
  Mar 08, 2008 23:27
I just found out that Mountain Dew is using the same bottles! It seems to be a limited release but I have found some on the shelf.


--- Tommy G.
  Mar 08, 2008 23:42
Aha, now minors can create one too. Maybe Mountain Dew is a better bottle to use for Boy Scouts.

--- Tommy G.
  Mar 09, 2008 01:15
Oh wow, those look cool.

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