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Worked All States - Satellite
radio : by Tommy - May 2nd 2007, 03:37PM
Since I got my Arrow Antenna, I've been trying to contact all 50 states by satellite (aka Worked All States). I know a few states are going to be tough (if they're even possible). I know Alaska and Hawaii will probably have to be a scheduled contact. Since the pass that will allow us to contact each other will be very low on the horizon. I have been getting about 2 passes a day from the satellite AO-27, one usually to the east then the second passing more to the west. I've been steadily adding states as I hear them. I'm also making contacts via Echo (AO-51) which is very busy on it's nightly passes.

If it weren't for the listing on Heavens Above, I'd prob be lost as to when to listen for a satellite. For those stations that have sent me a QSL card, I will send out a batch as soon as my new ones arrive. The map above is a listing of those states which I've contacted (yellow) and those that I've received a QSL card from (green).

tags: ham_radio satellites awards

+ Joel E.
  May 03, 2007 06:28
Wow! Making good progress.


+ Tommy G.
  May 04, 2007 00:42
Map was made with the N5DUX Worked All States map generator, linked from www.n5dux.com/ham


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