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XFire Game Chat Thing
games : by Paul - December 26th 2004, 08:49PM
Xfire.com has this nifty instant messenger utility designed specifically for gamers.
What? Another IM program? Well, it's more than that, this is a server browser too. If you're familiar with All Seeing Eye, it works similar to the concept only with a boat load of more features.

I thought the handiest feature was being able to see message from within the game.
Go check it out.

grendel sez: But Steam does this for you!!~! Yeah, it's supposed to. Have you actually gotten it to work? No - this client actually works. It's even included in some of the latest patches and updates for your games. It's worth a look if you game much.


+ Tommy G.
  Jan 07, 2005 02:21
When you get it on Xfire, I am "grendelt" and havoc is "nthavoc".

Another thing that is nice about Xfire is that it shows with an icon what game the other people are in, and what voice chat program and server they are using. Very slick.


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