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eBay Price Gouging
rant : by Tommy - April 15th 2005, 11:23AM
WTF is up with eBay shipping prices?!
KD5ING sent me a cool link called lastminute-auction.com, it lists auctions that are $1 or less and end within the hour. A very nifty site indeed.

So I'm looking through some of the available items and see a couple of neat things, I look at bidding on them - and shipping is $15!!! For a 99cent item! It's not heavy, it's just the "handling charge". Well, if that's the case, don't touch it, just put it in a box and be done with it. I don't want you handling the merchendise anyway. The extra charge in the shipping category is how some unscrupulous eBayers are making their money. Sure, they'll sell an item for just pennies, but then make their money back on the shipping. Buyer beware!

I think it should be against eBay policy to allow more than $3-4 for "handling", if your product costs you $5, don't sell it for $.99 and then have the other $4 tacked onto shipping - no, charge the $5 up front. To do otherwise is dishonest I think.
Sure, you can see how much their shipping charges are, but the selling price is what people care about, only after being lured in by cheap price do they see the 'hidden' shipping charges.


+ anonymous
  Apr 20, 2005 02:26
I was looking to buy a DVD earlier today... had a decent price for a new DVD, about 40-50% off the original price. I checked out the shipping and it was over $20. wtf?


+ Bill S.
  Apr 20, 2005 02:26
^I could have sworn I logged in... my bad.


+ Dustin B.
  May 04, 2005 18:37
they can't keep that up and ebay doesn't need to make a policy, because it is the auctoiner (lack of a better word) who decides shipping. If it's to high, then no one will buy from them.


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