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Building a CPU
hardware : by Paul - February 24th 2010, 08:13AM
I've decided to take the plunge and start working on a project that has been sitting in the back of my head since college. I'm setting out to build a CPU from scratch.

I thought that the Neodux crew might want to follow along as I work on this insane project. But not too insane...I've already figured out how I'm going to do it. I just need to do it now.

Follow along and watch as I walk the thin line between avocation and insanity!

...And I know some of you guys are EEs -- maybe you can give me a hand when something eventually goes wrong...

tags: hardhack

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Finally! A Cell Signal!
radio : by Paul - November 10th 2007, 12:43AM
When I bought my new house in April, one of the most annoying things I discovered was that I got virtually zero cell service inside the house. The house is down in a valley and thus has no good line-of-sight to any cell towers. Inside the house I'd get 0-1 bar, and outside on the front lawn I'd occasionally get 2.

To try and remedy this situation, I had two choices: get a landline (with yet another phone number and at least $20/mo) or I could go with a "smarter" solution and get a cell repeater/booster. I found this gem after doing some research online: the YX510 dual-band cell repeater.

So for just over $300 I got this fairly large box containing an 18" external antenna, 35' of high-grade coax cable, and a chunky little box for inside with a little 6" antenna.

I went up on the roof of the house and found that I got 4 bars near the back of the house. So I mounted the external antenna at the top of an 8' 2x4 that I strapped to the side of the house. Then I ran the provided coax around the house into the attic, where I mounted the interior box.

I should note that I took care to put as many physical barriers as possible between the interior and exterior antennas, to prevent feedback loops. In my case, I was able to get 2 sets of shingles and 3 walls in between the antennas.

Finally, I found a good place to plug in the provided wall-wart, then spliced in an extension into the power cable (the provided one was only 4' long). Then I plugged the base unit in, and voila! I now get 4-5 bars all over the house. No more dropped calls, no more "are you there?" when talking to somebody.

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Best Buy BS
rant : by Paul - June 13th 2005, 11:42AM
I drove to Best Buy today in search of that 20 dollar Creative 30 gig MP3 player. Unfortunetly, all of the employees took advantage of the price glitch and there were no more.

Anyway, as I was browsing around checking out laptops, there was this Salesguy explaining to a woman how to remove spyware from her machine. I always wondered why people were so hell-bent on using programs like Spy Sweeper and Nortan Internet Securities, but now I know why.

The salesguy was just throwing out this stuff like jelly donuts to a fat kid; the lady was just eating it up. BS lines such as "Well, Spybot and Ad-aware don't really work too well because they are free. Spysweeper stops it in 'REAL TIME.'" Other lines such as "Nortan Internet Securities is the best!" were just appalling. I wanted to just say "You sir, are full of erroneous information!", but he kept going on and on; it would have been pointless.

I also remember a time when I needed a video card and just happened to be at a Best Buy. I asked the sales guy where his video cards were, and he asked me what kind I wanted. Now, this is the time where 3DfX JUST released the VooDoo 5, and was bought out shortly thereafter by nVidia. I told him I wanted a GeForce 2, but he actually said "Nah man, you gotta wait for the VooDoo 9, it's going to RAWK!" I kid you not, he actually said RAWK.

I blame companies such as Best Buy for such blatent mis-information about important concepts such as spyware removal. It's bad enough that spyware sucks fart-canister, but adding suck software to the mix just makes the suck factor suck more. Amazingly, some people take Best Buy's word as gospel, and you can't convince them otherwise because you don't work at a billion dollar corporation and look like a Jehovah's witness while dawning the title AGENT 69 and driving a gay Volkswagon Bug with the title "Geek Squad" plastered on the side (that is a rant for another time).

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Battlefield 2: First Glance
games : by Paul - June 11th 2005, 08:32PM
I grabbed the demo (thanks ltd for the link) and played the heck out of it. This game just blows away it's Vietnam predecessor. There are so many added features to the Battlefield engine that just keeps the game interesting; like the nice cockpit designs with functioning HUDs and tracking systems.

This game didn't turn out to be Desert Combat on steroids. You actually have to aim at your targets rather than just aim in their general direction with an rpg or stinger missle and score an easy kill. Also, not everything kills in you in one hit. There's a nice balance to the weapons and the vehicles that allow players to enjoy the game rather than curse the programmers that implemented BFG-like WMD's(i.e. the scud launcher in desert combat)

I'd say this game has great potential. All we can hope for is that they don't screw it up with patches that "balance" the game.

update: Let it be known that Battlefield 2 is infact the 3rd game in the Battlefield Line.

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Lokitorrent.com scandal a hoax
news : by Paul - February 24th 2005, 09:10PM
Shamelessly ripped from the pages of Slashdot...

The following link was posted with some pretty damning evidence (or lack thereof) that Lokitorrent.com was really sued by the MPAA. Apparently, the guy that owned the domain paid off the MPAA with some trifling settlement, then ran with the money donated to his "legal fund"... weird, wild stuff.

Read more on the story, here.

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Firefox Tweak
programming : by Paul - January 2nd 2005, 10:43PM
This site has a nifty tweak which is located at Devnulled here. Apparently you can customize Firefox to load pages a little faster. I noticed quite a bit of a speed boost after I had loaded this in.

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w00t! New Hardware Goodness
linux : by Paul - December 30th 2004, 05:26PM
Well I just got myself a new Leadtek GeForce 6600GT video card, with the intent of running Doom 3 in Linux.

Verdict: AWESOME!!

The video card installed without a hitch (I'm running Slackware 9.1) and Doom3 loads up in true native Linux mode (no WineX or other emulation in the way) and is fully accelerated. Yay for id supporting Linux!!

/that is all

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XFire Game Chat Thing
games : by Paul - December 26th 2004, 08:49PM
Xfire.com has this nifty instant messenger utility designed specifically for gamers.
What? Another IM program? Well, it's more than that, this is a server browser too. If you're familiar with All Seeing Eye, it works similar to the concept only with a boat load of more features.

I thought the handiest feature was being able to see message from within the game.
Go check it out.

grendel sez: But Steam does this for you!!~! Yeah, it's supposed to. Have you actually gotten it to work? No - this client actually works. It's even included in some of the latest patches and updates for your games. It's worth a look if you game much.

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Coolest. Toy. Evar.
news : by Paul - December 9th 2004, 11:44AM
Well I wish I could say it ran Linux, but it's still cool nonetheless. Check out Futaba's new 14-channel goliath of an R/C radio: The 14MZ. This thing is way cool, even for people that aren't into R/C. Fly RC has a sneak-peek review. For you ham guys, I imagine this piques some interest because of the programmable frequency generator...what could a ham do with this thing?

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AVI's in Firefox!
programming : by Paul - November 12th 2004, 12:31AM
I was searching the Internet for a way to get Firefox to play embedded AVI's and BEHOLD, there is a way. Some guy in some forum posted these 2 lines of nifty code to add to your config file in firefox...
Edit the file
There's two of these files; make sure you get the one that is in the firefox sub-directory.
G:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\npdsplay.dll|$ |$
Npdsplay dll|$
Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library|$

10 <-- HERE IS THE 1st CHANGE from 9 to 10
0|application/asx|Media Files|*|$
1|video/x-ms-asf-plugin|Media Files|*|$
2|application/x-mplayer2|Media Files|*|$
3|video/x-ms-asf|Media Files|asf,asx,*|$
4|video/x-ms-wm|Media Files|wm,*|$
5|audio/x-ms-wma|Media Files|wma,*|$
6|audio/x-ms-wax|Media Files|wax,*|$
7|video/x-ms-wmv|Media Files|wmv,*|$
8|video/x-ms-wvx|Media Files|wvx,*|$
9|video/x-msvideo|Media Files|avi,*|$ <-- ADDED THIS LINE

Make sure firefox is closed before you do this. After this is done, you can play all the avi's you want.

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Battlefield Vietnam WWII Mod
games : by Paul - August 20th 2004, 01:47AM
EA Games has released an official World War II mod for Battlefield Vietnam. The maps are from the Pacific Theatre and it also includes a flamethrower. Click here to read up on it.

Grendel sez: Played it, it's cool. The mod is essentially a reworked version of BF1942. The graphics are better, with more foliage, sharper models, and visual effects (explosions, gun-shot, tracers). Havoc and I decided that since EA/Dice weren't getting as many sales on Vietnam as they originally hoped for, they hope this mod will drive up sales. Overall, this is a great mod. If you have BF:Vietnam, check this one out!

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[BöMB] Squad Game Server
games : by Paul - July 12th 2004, 11:58PM
The BöMB Squad has an official game server for Battlefield 1942. This server holds 24 people with 2 reserved slots and is also run by the Black Bag Ops server control package. Another thing to note is that the server is located in Texas on the ev1.net backbone and runs only the best BF1942 maps.
The hostname game.neodux.com should allow you to find it.
It also shows up on the master server list as Neodux.com - [BöMB] Squad Server.

Update: Havoc has setup the server to run BF1942 only right now. Come join us if you got some time!

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Pointless Nostalgia
music : by Paul - June 9th 2004, 01:13AM
While searching the net for something I can't quite remember at the moment (probably porn) I stumbled upon this awesome site. If you remember any catchy tunes from your favorite Nintendo game, then this is the place to go. Ocremix.org has quite an assortment of remixes done by various talented artists. From orchestra to techno dance remixes of Mike Tyson's Punchout theme song, you're bound to find your favorite here.

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Battlefield 1942 Tweaks
games : by Paul - December 22nd 2003, 11:05PM
For those of you that are experiencing some slight hiccups in the graphics or just want to speed up your favorite game of Battlefield 1942, TweakTown offers a helpful guide.

This guide lists the most basic tweaks to the more advanced console commands. They also tell you how to skip the intro videos that always loads in the beginning.

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