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Q: What is neodux?
A: Simply put, Neodux is my website. What does it mean? Nothing. I just thought it sounded neat, so I bought the domain.

Originally, Neodux ran from my closet at my house. It was running Slackware Linux setup with Apache, using MySQL and PHP to generate content. It's now hosted elsewhere for speed and reliability.

The weblog layout that you see right now is one of my projects that I am currently working on. Aside from the pleasure of creating something useful, at least to me, I have used Neodux to explore and learn more about PHP and MySQL. The site is created totally from scratch, as you might tell, using the vi editor.

So who am I?

My name is Tommy Gober and I am...

...exactly 39.806734637615 years old.
...a Curriculum Design Specialist for the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center (NICERC).
...a Technology Instructor for the ARRL.
...a doctoral candidate with the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in Curriculum & Instruction with a research interest in edtech and educational robotics.
...a graduate from Texas A&M University - Texarkana with a Master's degree in Instructional Technology.
...a graduate from LeTourneau University with a Bachelor's degree in Education/Computer Science.
...a graduate from Lee College with an Associate's degree in Computer Science.
...originally from Baytown, TX.
...lived in Longview, TX, for many years.
...now reside in Galveston, TX.

I like to play/mess with the Linux operating system, program, tinker with computer hardware, listen to new music, and play online multiplayer games like Team Fortress 2, Fistful of Frags, Call of Duty and Counter Strike. I am also an amateur radio operator - my callsign is N5DUX. I have created some online tools for ham radio operators here.

I enjoy listening to many different kinds of music, usually either modern rock or electronica, more specifically: downtempo/chill, trance, deep house, acid jazz & ambient. I also enjoy listening to acoustic modern rock and covers by various bands.

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