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pets : by Tommy - December 2nd 2007, 08:36PM
After reading about them for several months and an overall curiosity in the subject, I have finally purchased some honey bees. (thus adding to my collection of rather disjointed interests.)

Rather than bore you with all the details, in short, I began reading and studying beekeeping for the past few months and found them truly fascinating. There's still alot that is unknown about the honey bee, but their behavior has been documented for centuries. Most recently is the plague of the mysterious CCD (colony collapse disorder). To help fight this, Burt's Bees is giving away free wildflower seed so you can aid the dwindling honey bee population. To read more on the art/science of beekeeping, here's the link to the Beekeeping article on Wikipedia.

For some pictures of my setup and me in a goofy hat, I've created a thread in the forums. I'll probably post future pictures in the forums, and post any updates to the project here on the main page.

update: Pictures are here.

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Back Home, New Fishtank
pets : by Tommy - July 28th 2005, 11:27AM
Jennifer and I returned home from our honeymoon last week, we have most our stuff here under our own roof, but quite a bit is still boxed up - though we're making headway. School starts up for her very soon, and I still have about 3 weeks until the fall semester begins here at LeTourneau University.

You may have noticed there hasn't been much activity on the main page here, well, that's because all the cool kids are out back in the forums. If you haven't checked them out, you can click on them here, or at the top of the page. I posted some pics from the honeymoon (we went to Niagara Falls) in the forums. There are also pictures from the wedding that Valt took.

Most recently, Jennifer and I acquired a fish tank that we saw advertised for a good price in the local paper classifieds. I cleaned it yesterday and the day before and set it up last night. Right now I just have it circulating the water and we'll probably populate it with a few guppies and some cleaning fish. Hopefully the guppy population will boom and the tank will be teeming with life within the next few months.

update: Just added a female guppy and 3 ghost shrimp to the tank, just to kick things off. (Cost: $1)

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