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neodux : by Tommy - August 15th 2010, 11:00PM
After the success of the DUX Yagi-Uda post and it finding its way to Hack-A-Day, I decided I should probably go in to more detail with each blog entry when I'm attempting to explain something technical.

In the past, I've tried be as succinct and just-the-fact-ma'am as I can so the article doesn't make the main page a mile long. I always assumed if you wanted to know more you could just ask me. But, more often than not, I ended up with an article that I think was too shallow or too "in-passing". So, for the sake of those that don't know me personally and would like more information, and in keeping with the spirit of information exchange on the web, I think it's best if I link to and explain all relevant information. To keep the main page short I've decided to limit the amount of words in a story that gets shown at a glance.
I've broken up the links to have the "Continue reading..." link on each article if it is longer than a preset length.

I'd really like to know what my core users think of this change. Is it for the better? Should I change the wording of the link? Should I display all information, longer or shorter at-a-glance summaries? You tell me.

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+ Corey T.
  Aug 26, 2010 19:46
I think it's good. The one thing I would offer is instead of re-rendering the page with the full article via query string parameter, use a JavaScript-powered show/hide div, so it expands and contracts on request.


+ Tommy G.
  Aug 26, 2010 23:35
I thought about doing that. This was just quicker/easier.

jQuery is already in place to do that for me, I just have to add in the code for that.


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