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Firefox Tweak
programming : by Paul - January 2nd 2005, 10:43PM
This site has a nifty tweak which is located at Devnulled here. Apparently you can customize Firefox to load pages a little faster. I noticed quite a bit of a speed boost after I had loaded this in.


+ anonymous
  Jan 03, 2005 00:04
I think I am missing something? Where?


+ Tommy G.
  Jan 03, 2005 01:27
Follow the directions. I tried it out and it works great.


+ anonymous
  Jan 03, 2005 09:23
Sweet it works soo much better now, I noticed a small delay when I would open the program and while going to certain forums, no idea how I missed that link, I think nthavoc must have snuck it back in there.


+ Dan F.
  Jan 03, 2005 11:12
I have used this on a couple of machines and have seen improvements on both of them. For you XP users out there check this site out. In particular, go to the "Services" link and compare your settings with his suggested settings (don't just blindly act on his suggestions). My server 2k3 box is much more robust now.


+ Robert L.
  Jan 08, 2005 13:04
it even works on dialup believe it or not to an extent.


+ Robert L.
  Jan 08, 2005 13:05
I'm interested in what everything else does in that config console?


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