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programming : by Tommy - September 7th 2004, 03:38PM
Perl pwnz j00. It is amazing.

As I said before, most automated tasks at work are scripts written in Perl. It is highly important that everyone on the team be proficient in the scripting language. I've been allowed time to grow accustomed to its usage and syntax. I think that today I finally broke into understanding the power of Perl.

It's extremely easy to implement complex routines through the use of CPAN modules. They are essentially extensible libraries for use in a script. They are very easy to add to you system, they are only loaded when you invoke them from within your script, and can do many powerful things.
Things that would take a C/C++ programmer much longer to do. Granted, C/C++ create smaller/quicker binaries, but Perl is easy to maintain and easy to develop a "quick and dirty" fix.

Skaven has been preaching to me to get into Perl, I think I have finally started to truly break ground. I thought I had made some progress before, but it wasn't until this afternoon that it really hit me - with the force of 2 sumo's colliding at full-speed.
Sorry it took so long Skaven, I'm awake now.


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