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Programming Challenge 2
programming : by Tommy - February 23rd 2011, 10:16PM
Ok programmers and code monkeys, it's time for Programming Challenge 2. Nothing overly complicated this time. I was just messing around and thought you'd like this quick little brain teaser.
It's a "just for fun" challenge. Choose your favorite language for this one. Here it goes:

Part A: Display/print a vertical sin wave using * characters.
Part B: Display same sin wave horizontally using * characters.

Part A should get you going in the right direction (esp. if you've never played with the sin functions in your language), but Part B is a bit more tricky. No graphics libraries, cheater.

Post source in comments (must be logged in to comment).

Winner to receive 1 small shot of self satisfaction of completing trivial problem through useless challenge on obscure blog.

tags: programming sin_wave

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