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HOWTO: Intro to Twitter
neodux : by Tommy - February 16th 2012, 11:40AM
For anyone online you've no doubt heard that social media is defined by sites like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. A lot of people talk about Twitter, but a vast majority of people don't know how to use Twitter. I must admit that I've had an account for years but wrote it off because it seemed so limited. The power of Twitter is not found in the brevity of the "tweets" (posts that users make on Twitter), but in the ability to monitor tweets of others.

Flow of news
In the traditional model of news aggregation, you would turn on the TV or radio, open a newspaper or seek a sole source of information. That organization would have already done the leg work of finding news, picking out what they thought the majority of their viewers/listeners/readers would find appealing and put that news out there. With the introduction of "social media", suddenly people can discern for themselves what is important. The early days of Digg brought this idea to reality and reddit took over where Digg left off. The users were now in control of the information, not the producer, publisher or editor. I'm not saying that Twitter affords this ability, but it allows you to search for items that have been flagged with certain key terms. In Twitter parlance, this flag is known as a hashtag. Until I understood hashtags, I didn't "get" Twitter - now I do.

#Hashtags - The key to Twitter
Hashtags allow you to share information that you tweet with others within a community of individuals that are, themselves, looking for information relevant to a subject. The same way that you search for things with a search engine through key words, you can also hunt for tweets with a hashtag.
I deal a lot with Education Technology, so when I'm looking for news, links and information related to Education Technology, I'll look at the Twitter hashtag #edtech.

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tags: twitter howto

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User Friendly URLs
neodux : by Tommy - October 9th 2011, 11:01PM
Thanks to mod_rewrite and a little "why didn't I think of this before?", Neodux now has user-friendly URLs. Now instead of "cryptic" URLs with "?" and "&" signs in them, you can now just type in /read/ and the name of the blog entry you're interested in.

To see this feature in action, you can click on this story's title, or the "Full article" link. This should not affect old links and I'd also ask that you please inform me if you see some functionality is all messed up. I think I caught all possible errors, but you can easily overlook some parts of a project like this.

So, bottom line, links to Neodux should be much more friendly and bookmarks should be easier to understand. Enjoy!

update: Yes, old links should still work. Too many blogs and sites around the web link back to articles here and I didn't want to screw them up. So everything should work seemlessly.

tags: neodux mod_rewrite

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Continue Reading...
neodux : by Tommy - August 15th 2010, 11:00PM
After the success of the DUX Yagi-Uda post and it finding its way to Hack-A-Day, I decided I should probably go in to more detail with each blog entry when I'm attempting to explain something technical.

In the past, I've tried be as succinct and just-the-fact-ma'am as I can so the article doesn't make the main page a mile long. I always assumed if you wanted to know more you could just ask me. But, more often than not, I ended up with an article that I think was too shallow or too "in-passing". So, for the sake of those that don't know me personally and would like more information, and in keeping with the spirit of information exchange on the web, I think it's best if I link to and explain all relevant information. To keep the main page short I've decided to limit the amount of words in a story that gets shown at a glance.
I've broken up the links to have the "Continue reading..." link on each article if it is longer than a preset length.

I'd really like to know what my core users think of this change. Is it for the better? Should I change the wording of the link? Should I display all information, longer or shorter at-a-glance summaries? You tell me.

tags: neodux blog

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neodux : by Tommy - December 8th 2009, 11:54PM
Now for something for our regular visitors and contributors - is there such a thing? I've added a small feature that will allow authors of articles, commentors and shouts to be displayed as links to wikipedia. No longer will you have to copy/paste the word in to Wikipedia and type in your "a href" HTML to have a link created, instead you only have to put the [ wiki ] tags around the word, vbCode style. (Contributors should know what I'm talking about.)

Now it is easy to make a direct link to a wikipedia article. It's a simple use of a regular expression that matches both of the tags. And these are just more words to display more URLs to wikipedia articles.

tags: wikipedia tags neodux

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neodux : by Tommy - December 8th 2009, 11:28PM
Ok, I finally got off my duff and fixed the signup page for those of you seeking new accounts. Long ago I decided to implement the reCAPTCHA mechanism to both block spammers and bots from creating accounts, but also to do some good.

For those of you that may not know what a CAPTCHA is, it's a block of text that is hard for computers to decode. Humans are great at pattern recognition, so it's a quick, easy way to ensure the person looking at the page is a real, live human - versus an automated spam bot. For more information about CAPTCHAs, check out the wikipedia article above.

How is reCAPTCHA different? Glad you asked. reCAPTCHA's aim is to assist in digitizing text of printed materials to help save and archive them for future generations. At the time of writing this, reCAPTCHA is helping to digitize old issues of the venerable New York Times, which is over 150 years old. reCAPTCHA's website says that over 200 million CAPTCHAs are solved per day, so if every CAPTCHA did something productive, you can see the benefit. So, that's why I went with reCAPTCHA, just my little way to help do my part.

tags: captcha signup accounts

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Christmas Season 2009
neodux : by Tommy - November 27th 2009, 11:17PM
Well, that was Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I was able to take advantage of a couple of good deals at Ace Hardware where I picked up a 12gal Shop-Vac ($19.99) and toolbox ($4.99). I didn't brave any stores very early, I chose to sleep in.

But, with the beginning of Christmas Season comes the Christmas Lists. Below is a list of Wishlistr links for Neodux members. Members, feel free to edit this post and link to your wishlistr.

  • Tommy's Wishlistr
  • Jennifer's Wishlistr
  • Greg's Wishlistr
  • Nikki's Wishlistr
  • Jeff's Wishlistr
  • Mom's Wishlistr

    Other Folks:

  • Mackieman's Wishlistr

    Get your links in soon, I'm going to make this a Christmas-time widget. update: Widget created. See upper left corner.
  • tags: christmas holidays wishlistr

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    House Hunting
    neodux : by Tommy - September 24th 2009, 11:24PM
    Sheesh. People have always said house hunting is stressful. It's not the house hunting that's stressful, it's waiting to hear back on your offers. Last week we put in an offer on a house, got accepted and were thrilled. We got a house inspection and it turned up a couple of foundation issues, so we backed off. Upset but not defeated, we continued looking for another find.

    Not 2 days later we found a small, modest house built in 2004. (it even still smells new!) We put in an offer that same day and waited to hear back from the seller. The property turns out to be a foreclosure, so the seller in this case is a bank. The bank has been taking their sweet time. Monday afternoon our real estate agent called to tell us the bank is taking "best offers", which means 'tell us the most you're willing to pay'. For us, we were willing to pay a couple thousand more than we offered, so we bumped up our offer by $2k. We thought we'd hear a "yay" or "nay" decision the next day. Then the next. Time drags by. Doubts creep in.

    We drive back by the house to make sure we like it enough to be happy with our offer. It turns out, we like it more. Does someone else like it even more? Enough to put in a higher offer? Should we offer more? Still, there's no word back from the seller's agent. We finally get word that "All offers have been presented. Probably will not hear until Monday or Tuesday." What?! Tuesday?! I can't hold my breath that long!!!

    This waiting game sucks. You can't get too attached to the house in case your offer isn't accepted, but you don't want to be to blasé about the whole deal either - this could, after all, be your house for a number of years.

    Continue reading...

    tags: house buying

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    Keep Jeff Informed Rolls on
    neodux : by Tommy - September 5th 2009, 10:25AM
    Summer before last, grimlen attened US Army Basic Training, or IET, at Ft. Sill, OK. Our own mission was dubbed "Operation: Keep Jeff Informed". Later this week, he'll be heading out for a couple months of refresher training and last-minute combat training before deploying to Iraq for about a year.

    Like Araolath, before him, he'll probably have internet access, but he won't have the time to go trouncing all over the internet to find the best and most-needed websites and articles. Instead let's make it easy for him and post links here for him, in the comments.

    Jennifer and I are about to head to Baytown for Labor Day weekend for his send-off party on Sunday. brb

    tags: jeff army iraq

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    Bumper Stickers
    neodux : by Tommy - June 29th 2009, 01:22AM
    The wait is over. I know you've laid awake at night looking out your bedroom window at that first star of the night hoping and waiting for me to sell bumper stickers. Well, kids, your wait is over.

    Neodux now has a bumper sticker so you can prove how purely awesome you are. For $3.00 $2.00, you can show that punk behind you at the red light or drive thru who's boss. You are. Because you know Tommy Gober.

    Supply is kinda limited, so buy one. Or two. That guy in the parking garage that parked kinda funny could use a bumper sticker too. (who says bumper stickers have to go on bumpers?)

    Click here to order

    (...or use the link "stickers" at the top of the page)

    tags: stickers neodux

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    Christmas decor
    neodux : by Tommy - December 8th 2008, 09:53PM
    I almost compeltely forgot to add the annual neodux Christmas decorations! As you can see, they're now safely in place. A gentle snow falls and a we now have a festive neodux logo.

    In the real world, the lights are up on our apartment - we have the coolest light display on the block! (There's only one other apartment with lights.) Thanksgiving weekend, Jennifer and I went and cut down a tree at a local tree farm and decorated it all nice and pretty. We're all done with our Christmas shopping, and now Sirius is playing non-stop Christmas music on the Cinemagic channel. Christmas time is officially here.

    And here's a great video of a dog having fun in the snow.

    update: Once again, here's everyone's wishlists: Greg's wishlist, Tommy's wishlist, Jennifer's wishlist, Jeff's wishlist, Mom's wishlist

    tags: neodux christmas

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    Dreamhost Migration
    neodux : by Tommy - October 8th 2008, 09:25PM
    Special thanks to g4m8i7 for making me aware of a cool deal Dreamhost has going on. Dreamhost is migrating their servers to newer, more efficient, "greener" servers - I dunno, they said it, not me. In the migration they need volunteers to migrate over to the new servers. Of course they are aware there may be small glitches in the transfer, but I can't foresee them being anything major. Because I took the bait and decided to switch, they're giving me free unlimited* bandwidth and storage for life!

    So, I'm sure most of you won't care if there are a few hiccups along the way. I'll try to get them fixed ASAP, but I figure the benefit is worth the risk of problems.

    Also, they do have signup deals for those of you wanting to also get on board.

    tags: neodux webhost

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    Desert Voyage 2008
    neodux : by Tommy - June 18th 2008, 08:03AM
    Well, the time has arrived. Jennifer and I are loaded up and will start heading toward Flagstaff, Arizona today. We'll be stopping at Palo Duro Canyon along the way, then we'll stop by Bluewater Lake State Park near Continental Divide, NM. The next day we'll push on to the cabin we've reserved with Corey (Mackieman). We'll kick it old skool for a week and visit the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, one of the nation's largest observatories, Petrified Forrest and other notoable locations.

    After Flagstaff and seeing all the sites within sane driving distance, Jennifer and I will drive south to Summerhaven, AZ atop Mt. Lemmon where we'll meet up with the Tucson Amateur Radio Club for the annual ARRL Field Day.

    After Mt. Lemmon, we'll head west into New Mexico to stay at Aguirre Springs near Las Cruces, NM. The next day we'll head to Alamogordo to see the dunes at White Sands and visit Cloudcroft before driving on to Carlsbad to see the giant caverns and bazillions of bats. whew! still not done...

    We'll attempt to climb Guadalupe Peak (highest point in Texas) after we've crossed back into Texas, then drive down to Fort Davis to see UT's big observatory there and swim at nearby Balmorhea Springs swimming pool. At that point we'll be at a crossroads as to whether or not we want to try to go south to Big Bend for one last grand view or head back to Longview by way of Enchanted Rock.

    I'd hotlink all of these locations, but that'd take forever and you know how to use Google.
    I'll check in periodically whenever I get wifi, now that the world has our literary you'll know where to see search parties...

    Grendel sez: See you soon Mackieman, good day!

    tags: camping road_trip

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    Image Uploads
    neodux : by Tommy - March 10th 2008, 01:49AM
    I've finally grown tired of having to upload images to other hosting services such as ImageShack and hotlink them in my own blog posts. I finally decided to do something about it and create an image upload feature when creating posts.

    At this time you can only upload one image only when creating an entry. (You can't go back to edit an image and upload) I'll go ahead and stress the point that this is only temporary.
    I'd like to have the ability to better control images that have been uploaded, upload (and display) multiple images, and remove images associated with blog entries (such as the butterfly image displayed here).

    So there ya go, one more feature that will be little-used and few will care about, but I can finally say I've mastered PHP file uploads.

    tags: neodux features

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    Permissions Boost
    neodux : by Tommy - February 28th 2008, 09:20PM
    In hopes of encouraging more posting and feedback, I've bumped everyone's permissions to add/edit posts on neodux.

    Almost all of you should be able to create your own entry on neodux if you wish. Just make sure it's not flat out retarded and of some substance to at least a couple of people other than yourself. If you're having problems posting, let me know by leaving a comment on this post.

    A few notes on creating a post:
  • Entries are essentially raw HTML, format accordingly.
  • Use inline links to relevant information
  • Check the post's spelling and grammar, please.
  • Chose the most approprate category.
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    Christmas Wrap-up 2007
    neodux : by Tommy - December 26th 2007, 03:06PM
    Well the presents have all been opened (mostly) and the trash is all bagged up. Gifts lay on the coffee table and piled around various rooms of the house - it's that cool time of the year I like to think of as Christmas Afterglow. It's not quite New Years and you have so many new toys you haven't even been able to play with them all yet.

    Like when you grew up and ran outside to check out what Santa brought your friends, I'll ask the question, "So what did you get?"

    What I got:
  • 8Gb black iPod Nano
        - universal dock
        - iPod armband
        - JVC iPod Car Stereo Dock
  • Nike Air Pegasus 2007
        - Nike+ iPod adapter
  • Stihl Farm Boss Chainsaw
  • Crest rechargable electric SpinBrush
  • Smith's Jiff V knife-sharpener
  • Burt's Bees cologne + Old Spice cologne
  • some cash money and a Best Buy gift card

    update: Grimlen got me the "perfect gift", as the box describes it. An imported "gem tree".

    Tell us about your Christmas loot in the comments.
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    TCEA Conference 2008
    neodux : by Tommy - June 22nd 2007, 03:23PM
    The time has come It's still quite a ways off, but and I wanted to share the news that I'll be presenting a lecture on PHP at the TCEA annual conference in February. The Texas Computer Educator's Association is a training and advising organization for Texas computer teachers.

    My lecture/workshop will focus on PHP and its use in the classroom (specifically high school). I cut my teeth on PHP years ago and I really feel like it is a great way to introduce programming concepts. Instead of the student having to learn a language as well as learn to use an IDE. Instead of fumbling with source, executables, libraries and somewhat cryptic IDE debug messages, PHP allows you to just 'run the source' and instantly you see the fruits of your programming in your web browser.

    I think web scripting is also becoming much more relevant than it has been in years past. Instead of making those dumb, boring "cin/cout" programs, students can create dynamic pages for themselves or the school. After learning the basic syntax of C-style programming students are better equipped to move on to Java or C++ after they grasp the basics with PHP.

    I'll post more details about the lecture as they emerge, possibly post my Powerpoint slides for your review.

    update: My presentation is February 7, 2008 at 4:00p in the Austin Convention Center.

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    Reply to Comments
    neodux : by Tommy - June 10th 2007, 12:09PM
    Alright, we're all set. You can now post comments in reply to another user's comment. Right now I'm only allowing one level or reply. I might go deeper in the future, just depends on how much use this feature receives. Feel free to comment or reply to someone's comment!

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    Neodux gets RSS
    neodux : by Tommy - April 24th 2007, 11:33PM
    About bloody time! Right? It really didn't take long once I sat down to do it. Maybe 15minutes? I was able to use FeedCreator, as suggested by a friend of mine. It made the whole process pretty trivial. You asked for it, now you got it. So, there you have it. Quick, easy, done.

    Don't know what RSS is? It's a quick way to check various websites without having to go visit each one individually. It makes surfing the web and staying on top of news and blog entries a cinch. Simply "subscribe" to an RSS feed (like neodux) by using a Reader, like Google Start Page, Google Reader or My Yahoo.

    Oh yeah, the link is http://www.neodux.com/rss. What do ya think?

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    Birthday Presents
    neodux : by Tommy - April 14th 2007, 11:19PM
    In my ongoing stream of new posts, I wanted to make today's post on my super-cool array of birthday gifts that I have received over the past week.

    The first gift I received was the ever-present birthday money from the grandparents (always a plus!), my mom came up for Easter and my birthday (which coincided this year) and to see some of the snow we had fall on us on Saturday. I got a stash of new clothes, a nice dinner and a zOMG huge map of 1836 Texas that outlines the Texan fight for independence. Pretty cool.

    I thought the map was it, but Jennifer had another treat for me. She bought me a nice 8-gallon 115psi air compressor from Harbor Freight that I was eyeballing since it went on sale for that week. I can now drive the impact wrench, grinding tools and other air tools I've received from my father-in-law or bought since Christmas. (I think I may have also found another toy to use with my air compressor.)

    As if all that weren't enough, I spent some of my birthday money ordering a few items I had also been eyeballing. Of course you read about my Arrow Antenna, I also received my 300mW ZComax wireless card which is pretty much, flat out awesome. I've made pretty decent connections for quite a distance with my cantenna mounted on my new tripod.

    update: Whoa, how could I forget?! Notorious got me this great shirt and a sticker of "when i hit the drum you shake the booty". Right On...

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    Happy Birthday to Me!
    neodux : by Tommy - April 8th 2006, 12:00AM
    Yep, it's my birthday. The big 2-6. Odd how I didn't feel any different about my birthday this year, or the last, or the last. I think after you turn 21, they all blur together.

    Birthday presents? Well, I got a new computer (a "slammin' setup" according to Jenn) and some money so far. I'm going out to eat with Jennifer and some friends, where Jenn says she has a few more gifts for me.

    update: I had a pretty nice birthday. Thanks to everyone that was able to make it to the dinner party. AW won ropepull, that was pretty nice. It took 59min 55sec to win - but it's another win for the house. We went to Pietro's Italian cafe to have dinner. I got some Dale Jr. gag gifts ("yeah buddy!"), a Dave Matthews Band - Live at Central Park DVD , Google Hacks & The Zen of CSS Design books, some Tommy cologne (ha! get it? it's funny.) exchanged for Lacoste Essential cologne, my niece got me a foam growing turtle and a message bean (rock on), a portable USB hub and USB light & some clothes from Old Navy.

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    C is for Cookies
    neodux : by Tommy - February 9th 2006, 07:03PM
    That's right sports fans, Neodux now supports cookies. No longer will you need to login on each visit. Login once, and you're good for a month.

    I'll probably rework it in the future, but for now it seems to work decently. Hope you like it. Remember, any other ideas and/or problems you have with neodux, post in the Neodux Sux forum. Enjoy!

    Update: Just added the search box. It's very crude and simple, but it'll help if you're trying to find an old post. Just don't try anything fancy.

    Update #2: For anyone that has logged in and is using cookies, currently; or if you see "Bad password" in the upper left-hand corner... You need to relogin, which you may have realized if you're reading this. I just encrypted the password stored in your cookie. (Should be a little more secure.)

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    Updated Links Page
    neodux : by Tommy - November 17th 2005, 09:50PM
    Yay, the oldest (and personally most used) part of neodux finally got an overhaul. That's right, the links page. I have it set to my browser's start page, because I can visit all of my favorite sites in one stop. (Add to the fact I can open them all easily with the wave of a mouse thanks to Mouse Gestures...)

    "Okay, I don't see anything different..."
    Great, I was hoping you'd say that. I didn't want to change it much, because I've come to love its simplicity. What has changed is that it is now dynamic. See, for years, any time I wanted to add/edit a link on the links page, I had to manually go and find the link, edit the HTML, make sure I didn't break the table, save and refresh. (It was a chore.)

    Now, the page reads links.txt which is a simple text file formatted so the script can read the file and understand what is a category name and what is a link title and url. Now, whenever I want to add/edit a link, I just have to find/replace the line in the text file and the links page will do the rest. Phew!

    Grendel sez: Report any problems, plz. Or, if I should add a link, put it in the comments below.

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    Balloon Reply
    neodux : by Tommy - October 18th 2005, 10:45AM
    As I outlined in this post on the forums, Jennifer got a bunch of balloons for her birthday from her mom. We kept them in the living room for a few days, just enjoying their atmospheric buoyancy. Tuesday came around and we noticed that a couple of the balloons were starting to sag a bit, so we decided to either let them wither away or do something fun. We decided to tie a note to the entire cluster and let them go. Kinda the whole message in a bottle thing. Just to see where it goes. We released them on Tuesday, October 11. This morning, I got an email from a lady in Illinois that said her husband found the balloons on Thursday, October 13.

    I'm amazed. Not only that someone actually replied, but that our little balloon cluster made it that far! According to Mapquest, from Longview, Texas, to Bartelso, Illinois, the estimated distance is roughly 657.55 miles!

    The email is posted in the forums.

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    Throw off your noobish chains!
    neodux : by Corey - June 28th 2005, 10:54AM
    Many a moment have been spent by various contributors of this website, namely the great Grendel himself, in fixing errors committed by those who are entirely too silly to learn basic markup tags for links.

    The scary thing is that most of you gallant offenders try to compensate for this lack of not being dumb by instituting some veiled attempt at forum delimiting code. No more, says I! Herein will you find the key to all that you desire, or at least something that makes us smack our heads in frustration a tad less.


    Item One: The Anchor Tag

    The anchor tag is the root basis for creating a link. It says to the browser, "O hay, you remember where I am, being an anchor and all, and you go check out this page that I'm linking." It is because of this that you can click back after clicking a link and the browser knows what page to display.

    Item Two: The Hypertext REFerence

    The hypertext reference, or href, says to the browser, "Why hello there! This is where we'll be traveling today!" In short, it is the page to which the link points. Combining these two ideas is some markup that looks like the following:

    <a href="yourlinkhere.html" target="_blank">

    Note: The purpose for the angle brackets, < and >, is to delimit the markup from plain text. They let the browser know what is HTML and what is not. The equal sign and the quotation marks are common ways to identify and specify a variable. In our case, where the link is going.

    Item Three: Naming And Closing The Anchor

    So, after you've opened the anchor, provided a hypertext reference, and specified where you want the link to go, you need to name the link and close the anchor tag.

    Continue reading...

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    What's up?
    neodux : by Tommy - May 31st 2005, 10:44PM
    Ok, well I haven't made a personal post on here in while. One of those posts to let you know what's going on in my life. (Like you care, right?)
    Well, as you may tell from the countdown on the left, I'm getting married soon. Yeah, that's the countdown to my wedding. It's cool though, I'm really excited. We're planning on going to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon.

    Right now I'm living in Nacogdoches, waiting for word back from LeTourneau University, my first alma mater. (You know, I started this whole collge thing there right out of high school.) So, I applied there about a month ago, and I'm awaiting my acceptance letter. Once that goes through, we will be given a housing assignment. Jennifer, through her crafty ways, landed us an on-campus apartment. On campus, you say? It's much cheaper that any other apartments available, all bills paid, and very convenient for your's truly. It should save us a considerable amount money versus living off campus.

    My admissions counselor at LeTourneau said they're awaiting my transcript from SFA, which should have been there now - so it should be any day now that I hear back from LeTourneau. After that, I'll move my stuff there and try to find an on campus job that I can do while I'm in school, register for fall classes and prepare for the wedding.

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    Neodux Forums
    neodux : by Tommy - March 9th 2005, 11:43AM
    I finally realized that it would take a ton of work to create a fully functional forums package that would even come close to the functionality of IPB or phpBB. So I decided to just use one of the freely availble bulletin-board packages available.
    I installed phpBB last night, got a few tweaks on it, and I'll continue to modify it to my liking.

    Neodux Forums consist of a wholly seperate database than the neodux web content. You will need a new login name and password for the forums, seperate from the website. (yes, they can be the same name/pass) You'll see there aren't a whole lot of forums at the moment. Some may stay, some may go - what forums are popular completely depends on demand. I'm not going to focus the forums in any one direction. I will appoint moderators for each new forum to pop up. Forums are a community effort, all I ask is that the content stay workplace-friendly, and that you not be an asshat. k thx bye.


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    Cool Links
    neodux : by Tommy - February 12th 2005, 01:16AM
    We all have those cool links. And I'm not talking about those lame-o funny flash animations. I mean links that provide something useful: a service, information, weather, some kind of search.
    Yeah, those kinds of links. I figure it's high time we share those links. So posts your favorite links in the comments.

    Sites like:
  • Slickdeals.net
  • Houston area traffic
  • PriceWatch
  • The Linux Documentation Project
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    Neodux Additions
    neodux : by Tommy - February 2nd 2005, 09:52AM
    I have added decency filters on neodux now. "Naughty words" are now changed into pointless and silly phrases.

    Also added, for admins with access level of 100 or more only, a shoutbox editor to better keep a handle on shoutbox entries. If someone screws up the shoutbox, it's usually a missing or a quotes on a URL. Now, you can go to the shout management to add/edit the shouts.

    Finally, a better version of the url vbCode has been added. Thanks to Valt over at Xulphlux for the improved regex. Syntax for urls is still the same, but you can now use
    [ url sitename.here] text [/ url]
    (remove the space before url and you're set!)

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    She Said Yes!
    neodux : by Tommy - December 22nd 2004, 08:00PM
    Sorry ladies, I am now officially off the market!

    Tonight, Jennifer Hampton said yes to marry yours truly. I proposed in the old town square in Marshall, Texas under their "Wonderland of Lights" Christmas light celebration in the historic downtown.
    My beautiful bride-to-be now sports a nice James Avery-crafted princess-cut, solitaire on an 18k white gold Tiffany band.

    It was a very cold, windy night, but not long after we finished dinner at the classy Venue 105 bistro nearby, the sleet/rain slush froze up into a true snow before I popped the question. A steady pace of snow flurries were coming down as we took a stroll. Due to the weather, the town square, usually busy with visitors to the light show was quite empty and dead. It made the evening rather private and the snow and cold added to the Christmas mood. It didn't take long to get the ring on her finger once we got her gloves off!

    That's all for now, I'll post some pics once I get my camera hooked up to a PC.

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    neodux : by Tommy - December 15th 2004, 12:03PM
    Along with the other updates and modifications I've been compelled to do to Neodux, I have now added vbCode.

    This is a test:
    What is vbCode? vbCode allows HTML tags without knowing HTML. Rather than using HTML tags (which will still work for those of you reluctant to change). The following tags are currently available:
  • [b] to bold
  • [i] for italics
  • [u] for underline
  • [color="some RGB value"] to make colorized test

    update: still working on the URL tag to make link creation easier.
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    Neodux Comments
    neodux : by Tommy - December 8th 2004, 08:30PM
    Comments have now been added.

    To visit a post, click on the title of the post you wish to read, comments will appear below each related story. Comments will not appear on the main page. Please let me know if you have any problems by posting in the comments to this post. Enjoy!

    There seems to be a bug with logins and comments. For now, if you want to post a comment under your username, you'll need to login before going to the comments page. You can still view comments and post anonymously without needing a prior login.

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    Who Are You?
    neodux : by Tommy - September 20th 2004, 09:51PM
    Due to the fact that I'm sure it'll be bumped from the shoutbox kinda quick, I decided to post the link to the personality test for others to take.

    Post your results in the shoutbox if you wish. The test is not run by more, nor is it biases towards any one type of personality. Just something fun, that is much nicer than receiving a FWD in your mailbox: "zOMG ROFLMAO!!~! HAY d00dz, taek this test itz so kool!!1! pas it on or esle you will get herpes! LOLz!"

    Anywho, take the test if you got some time, post your results in the shoutbox.
    some results:
  • Grendel - ENTJ : 28 56 50 33 ..
  • MrPresident - ISTJ : 22 11 44 11
  • MackieMan - ISTJ : 33 1 11 89
  • Grimlen - ENFP : 44 50 56 89
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    Word of the Day
    neodux : by Tommy - May 25th 2004, 05:33PM
    Word of the Day, shown below the calendar on the left, will display the current word of the day when completed. Website admins will have the ability to add new words for the WotD box. Eventually, this will include definitions of some words, as many of you may not understand the word or its meaning and usage. Check back over the next few days while I keep working on this.

    note: right now, the WotD is just a random word from a small set of words that I have setup. This will soon be changed.

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    Switch, Switch, Switcheroo!
    neodux : by Tommy - February 2nd 2004, 11:58PM
    Just got my new KVM Switch in; it was $20 from NewEgg.com. Nothing spectacular about it, it's your standard 2-port KVM switch. It's only $20 because it's TRENDnet, kinda cheap, and quite ugly. But it's okay, i have it kinda hidden. I have it hooked between my WinXP machine and my Linux box, then stuffed down behind my filing cabinet. The model I got supports hot-key switching, so I don't have to look at it, or hit a button on it. To switch it, I hit Scroll-Lock twice then UP or DOWN and the switch goes to the next channel.

    Right after I hooked up the KVM, I installed Slackware 9.1 at the persuation of Skaven. He swore up and down that the 9.1 default install of XFree86/Gnome looks amazing. After installing it for myself, He's right! I had to get him to lend a hand getting my resolution up to 1280x1024, but after that, it looks great. It runs very smooth, I'm quite impressed. I'm about to install OpenOffice on it.

    Download your favorite distro from LinuxISO.org.

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    El carro es mío.
    neodux : by Tommy - December 29th, 2003, 3:00PM
    I finally got my car. After a little over a month since the accident, I got my 'new' car. It's a black 1999 Nissan Sentra.

    I like it. Very clean, it rides very smoothly. I love the way Nissan cars feel, the suspension and steering is very tight. It's a 5-spd manual, I've never had a stick-shift to drive before, so I'm learning. I enjoy it though, very fun to drive. Another perk about the car - some of you may scoff at this - it's a 1.6L engine. It's not much, but it gets 29mpg (city) and 39mpg(hwy)(US Dept of Energy). Very nice.

    And here is Your's Truly posin with tha G-ride. (a true pimp. bling-bling)

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    New Look
    neodux : by Tommy - June 10th 2003, 12:22AM
    Yeah, yeah. This is the new neodux - all original (but still being made). I decided to try my hand at making a blog, and here it is. I hope to have it nearly as functional as xulphlux, but that will take some doing.
    I'm going to continue building onto the site as its up, and I'll add features periodically as I finish them. aight? aight.

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